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Who We Are

Highly qualified and motivated professionals with over ten years of experience in internal and agency recruitment across the private and public sectors.

We set up from scratch several recruitment desks. As a result, we help companies reduce their recruitment spend, increase diversity hires, and fill challenging vacancies. On top of that, we are decreasing the cyber security gap by introducing businesses to our services and know-how.

We are Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) by ISC2. 


Our values


TRUTH - we will always be honest about our approach, ours and your process and our progress and potential challenges we may face. To improve anything, you need to work with the truth, not politeness, and that's why it is our great value.  

SECURE - you can rely on us to act with the utmost integrity and protect the information of you, your business and the candidates. We are cybersecurity experts, after all. 

FAIRNESS - we understand the complexity of many situations, and that's why we are always trying to be fair in our judgment and avoid conscious bias, as in any given case, you always have at least two sides. You never fully know what motivates a person to undertake a particular action. We are all humans, after all. 

DIVERSE - we believe in social justice, commitment to communities, and the strength that diversity brings to your team and innovations. We want to be pioneers in promoting diversity and inclusion in any workplace. Our director is gay and neurodiverse who moved to the UK over six years ago, so he perfectly understands these challenges and the importance of diversity.  


Our success

We are thrilled to announce that we have completed a #collaborative and #knowledgeable DiSH accelerator program with twelve  start-ups and an incredible bunch of people.

It is the government-funded #collaboration of Barclays Eagle Labs, Plexal, The University of Manchester and Lancaster University to drive #innovation in #cyberspace and I am well-honoured to be selected as a part of this cohort and DiSH #accelerator #program.

As a start-up, we know how important it is to find the right candidates for the right job, and that's why we are proud to offer recruitment #retained #services. Our goal is to send candidates within 48 hours and make the recruitment process as #smooth and #stress #free as possible for both employers and job seekers.

But that’s not all! We are also determined to make a difference in the industry by addressing the #cybersecurity #experience #gap and #increasing #diversity within teams while reducing recruitment costs. That’s why we will be using the #funds from the recruitment fees to #create an #app that will do just that.

We believe that #diversity is #key to success and that everyone should have #equal #opportunities in the #workplace. By reducing the cybersecurity experience gap and bringing more neurodiverse staff, we hope to make the industry more #accessible to everyone while also increasing the #quality of #talent available.


  • Our services implementation resulted in over 50 submissions this year across multiple challenging vacancies, including high-profile jobs related to public safety.
  • We ran a pilot program for one of the biggest defence companies in the world, where we brought new neurodivergent individuals to the sector.
  • The most prominent insurance business in Central Europe and one of the oldest recruitment firms in the UK have widely implemented our adverts.
  • Our efforts resulted in several awards through Reed for outstanding recruitment achievements.
  • We helped build a sales team in a tax advisory business by increasing their number of heads by 26.
  • We influenced the recruitment process with one of the Police Service, based on data









A phone call away


Have you got difficulties filling some vacancies? 

Is diversity in your team not where you want it to be? 

Or maybe you spend too much on external recruitment?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, don't hesitate to contact us. 

We take pride in an analytical approach to recruitment, so we need 48h to supply you with the candidate. If this is impossible, you will receive a market report with an overview of your post and possible options. 


We care about each other, and the environment

Our company director is neurodivergent, and see the challenges hidden under the umbrella term neurodiversity. That's why part of our mission is increasing the public awareness and bringing more diversity and understanding to the sector. 

In addition to our conscientious approach to recruitment, we also care about the environment and for every placement we plant a tree as there is no better way yet to make us closer to a net zero carbon emissions. 




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"Michael is an astute individual with a good sense for recruitment. He engages in an efficient manner and is supportive to his candidates. I look forward to working with him in the future."

MOD, Cyber Security Programme Manager


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