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I prepare some guidance for a career switch, as received multiple questions regarding that plenty of time.

As a great and easy starting point, I would check if there are any internal programmes within your current organisation on offer. I have worked with many organisations before, which provide upskilling programs for their employees.

I recommend that you explore the different areas of Cyber to specialise in, here is a great source; the UK Cyber Security Council website. They divided cyber into 16 different sections.



LinkedIn connections I recommend are;

Allan Boardman - Explore your educational paths possibilities


Kathy Liu - Provides research findings for people moving from other industries to cyber.


Education wise: I completed my first certification here: https://www.isc2.org/.

Other popular training providers include https://www.comptia.org/ or https://www.isaca.org/.

There are a series of different bootcamps like https://capslock.ac/ you can consider. Do your research.


NCSC also published a list of training worth looking at:  https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/information/certified-training  

There are some amazing apprenticeship opportunities out there with big brands like Amazon (https://aws.amazon.com/training/learn-about/security/), BAE Systems and Rolls Royce, to mention a few.

During the apprenticeship, you complete your qualification whilst in the role. However, the payment for the training period is usually £17-£20k salaries. If you could afford a drop in salary for a certain period, it's an option to consider.


Here you can find it as well some government-backed apprenticeships (adjust location):  https://www.findapprenticeship.service.gov.uk/apprenticeships?SearchField=All&Keywords=Network%20engineer&Location=England&WithinDistance=0&ApprenticeshipLevel=All&DisabilityConfidentOnly=false&Latitude=&Longitude=&Hash=0&SearchMode=Keyword&Category=&LocationType=NonNational&

Click into a selected programme, select the name of the employer you are interested in, and then apply. LinkedIn is a great networking tool, I would suggest messaging them directly if possible. Describe your situation and your interest in their particular company, this can increase your chances of acceptance.


If the apprenticeship route is not for you then my advice is to focus on education and get some experience. Set yourself an educational road map in a particular area of your interest. Complete required training and then start applying for the vacancies together with direct messaging of hiring managers. Set up job alerts and connect with specialist recruitment consultants to increase your chances.


Hope that was of help.

Good Luck!

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Interview Process

When did you last time review your interview process and interview questions? Have you adjusted your interview process to handle different neurodiversity traits?
We are a pretty active organisation taking part in many cyber events and conferences, also bringing more neurodiverse people to the industry.
How many times do you hear that we need to do something to decrease the experience gap in cyber?
Probably countless times at multiple events and occasions. 
And as an industry, we are doing a lot through accelerator programs, education, upskilling of current employees, apprenticeships and increasing awareness, to name a few.
I have noticed that the industry speaks one language, HR people speak another, and hiring managers have their say too. This should bring our awareness to make collective cross-functional efforts to change that. 
We should look at candidates' CVs with more understanding. Judging by titles is an easy way to go. However, we should look beyond the job title to improve the situation, especially since the norm is a 2-page CV, and cyber needs more experience.
Suppose we are running interviews, especially competency-based ones. In that case, we should have prepared a few sets of questions assessing one skill and ready questions which direct the candidate into more detailed answers if the given response isn’t sufficient.
Remember that on the other side is a guy or a lady or somebody, who’s sitting there for a reason, and our job is to extract the candidate's information needed to ensure that’s the case. Many people don't even know they are neurodivergent(around 20% of people are), which may affect their answers, so bear this in mind interviewing your next candidate. 
Cyber is a relatively new industry; many companies have different titles for the same job, sometimes misleading if you are used to different nomenclature. Therefore, it is essential to open your thinking to different backgrounds. There is also plenty of talk about transferable skills in the sector. When did you last time hire someone with transferable skills in opposition to the more obvious candidate?
One candidate commonly can wear many hats – remember this next time. How about always interviewing one “black horse” amongst other candidates?

I hope you enjoy this read. 




booming industry

Let’s look at the market:

£5 billion #government #investment due to developing part of the UK cyber capabilities in Samlesbury, North West = 3000 new jobs

UK information commissioner #fines companies who don’t have the right security measures in place 

39% of UK businesses experienced cyber #attacks 

Cybersecurity #awareness growing amongst businesses and private individuals

That’s some of the reasons explaining why the demand for the security people is on the rise. On top of that, we all move more into the digital world, so we should all have been cyber-secure anyway! 

It looks like there is plenty of people who are on the market with cyber #qualifications, but a sufficient amount of #experience is what we lack. Probably that’s why starting #salaries in cyber are at £40k, and experienced professionals can expect salaries around £77.5k up to six figures.

#Diversity in Cyber is shocking with only 14% of #women hired in the sector, only 20% of all #neurodiverse people are in full-time employment, to not mention plenty of ex #military people who are waiting for their opportunity to get into the sector, after completing their qualifications and having the brilliant background to get into cyber. 

Let’s be #mindful when making a hire, as #diverse teams perform 25% better and diversity increase company engagement by 40% and help with innovations. 

I could go on and on about the market in that respect, so if you want to work with a mindful, dedicated and knowledgeable person, who simply gives a damn and is not just another cog in the machine, then please do not hesitate to contact us. 




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